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Get the skill of the century. All while doing your day job.

In 2019, BP is launching the BP Data Apprenticeship programme in partnership with technology educator Decoded and apprenticeship provider Corndel.

The world is going through a data revolution, and BP knows that to remain competitive it is critical to harness our ever-expanding data pool in new and innovative ways. Highly-skilled data talent is at the heart of this revolution.

We're excited to be offering this brand new learning experience that gets you qualified in today's most critical skill.

Got what it takes?


The BP Data Apprenticeship is a unique opportunity to join a group of highly-motivated colleagues from across BP and become qualified data analysts.

As a participant, you will be part of a close-knit, cross-functional team of data pioneers that help drive forward the company's mission to become data-informed at all levels of business.

18 months

The second cohort of the programme is scheduled to launch Q4 2019.

Monthly Classroom sessions

Monthly data-science classroom sessions, held on-site at BP offices, will be provided by Decoded's world-class facilitators. Outside of sessions, learning is flexible and tailored around your schedule.

8 hours per week

The programme requires roughly 8 hours of work time commitment per week, during which you'll complete self-guided learning modules and business-relevant projects with other members of your cohort.

As this is a government-funded apprenticeship scheme, no commitment is expected outside of work, though we host plenty of optional activities for those who are keen!


The Fellowship is funded entirely by the government's new Apprenticeship Levy.

Any travel expenses incurred will not be covered as part of the programme – these will be paid by your own cost centre and claimed via your normal expenses process.

Fortnightly mentorship

You will receive fortnightly mentorship by PhD data scientists.

Professional qualifications

Fellows will graduate with a Level 4 professional qualification as well as an EMC Data Science Associate professional certification. Fellows are also eligible to apply for entry onto the Register of IT Technicians.

Quarterly hackathons

Every three months you will take part in a full-day hackathon at BP Offices, working as an agile team to solve company problems.

What will I learn?

You'll dive straight into the world of data science on day one, and shortly navigating your way around Github and Kaggle will be second nature. We've created an entirely new learning experience that emphasises practical, project-based group learning — there won't be any lectures to sit through or textbooks to buy!.

Here's the content we'll cover over the course of 18 months:



Advanced concepts

Association rules
Time series analysis
Text analysis
Technology and tools

Emerging technology

Machine learning
Artificial intelligence
Deep learning

Project management

Operationalising analytics projects
Data visualisation techniques
Agile development

Data science at BP

Company tools
Access to data
Data ethics

How will I learn?

The BP Data Apprenticeship emphasises:

Blended learning icon

Blended learning
You'll learn through a mixture of practical experience with industry tools like Jupyter notebooks and Github, as well as experiential in-person workshops.

Community icon

You'll be a part of unique community within BP, and that community will be an important part of your learning experience.

Mentorship icon

You'll have a top-notch Decoded mentor who will help you progress through the programme through 1-on-1 mentorship sessions, office hours, and workshops..

Each week is different, but you'll probably end up doing something like:

  • 4 hours of self-guided learning content with a partner from your cohort
  • 4 hours of applied learning split between:
    • Monthly company project work with a small group from your cohort
    • Fortnightly one-on-one sessions with your mentor
    • Individual study on weekly exercises

Eligibility & Suitability

Because this programme is funded by Government, there are a couple of strict eligibility criteria.

  • You need to be able to dedicate about 8 hours of your work week, for 18 months, to the programme.
  • You must have the support of your line manager. Line managers will connect with programme mentors every quarter and provide full support to learners in order to help generate valuable business insight.
  • You must spend large parts of your role working with spreadsheets or numbers.
  • You must be confident using Excel or similar systems.
  • You must live in England.
  • You must spend 50% of your time working in England.
  • You must work more than 30 hours a week.
  • You must be an EEA citizen or, if not, have been resident in the UK for the past 3 years and your visa must cover the full duration of the programme.
  • You cannot already have a data science degree.
  • If you're also currently pursuing another qualification, it cannot be government funded.

Who is this for?

The BP Data Apprenticeship is open to anyone, regardless of technical background. We are looking for learners who work with data on a day-to-day basis and have clear ideas as to how data-science techniques can be applied to their role. You may be someone who is drowning in rows of excel data, you may have access to customer or internal business data... we want to future-proof you and help you build a portfolio of data projects!

We're looking for learners who are highly motivated, passionate about learning, and committed to contributing their skills back to their teams at BP.

Here are some people we dreamed up that might apply:

Next steps

Info icon

Information sessions

Open to potential learners, line managers and HR!
Following the session, please ensure that you have line manager support for the programme.

After the information sessions, you will receive an e-mail with a link to apply.

Interview icon

Video interview & assessment

Online self-directed interview (10 mins)
Online coding challenge (25 mins)

Designed to assess your suitability for programme

Enrolment icon


Initial eligibility webform (15 mins)
Data 'Skills-scan' webform (15 mins)
Submit eligibility documents (15 mins)
Maths and English test - apprenticeship requirement (40 mins)

Become a data champion.

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BP Contact: Charlotte Stacey